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"Truth is not what I believe. Truth is not even what I know.
Truth is fact. I may not believe it. I may not know it. That does not change it. It is there nevertheless, waiting to be discovered and believed.  

Truth does not depend on the unsettled and changing opinions of men.  It was truth before it was believed.  It will remain truth, whether it is believed or not.

Reason does not originate or create it.  It merely discovers it. Consequently reason is not a source. Truth goes back beyond reason.

Others would have us believe that the Church is the source or authority, particularly in matters of theology. They are WRONG! The Church is the product of truth.  It does not originate it.  It came into being by accepting divine revelations.  It is not the source of that revelation.  Truth goes beyond the Church, it is antecedent to it." 
Carlyle B. Haynes


 Ancient Hebrew Research Center

 Teaching the ancient biblical Hebrew language of the Bible
through the study of the ancient Hebrew alphabet,
culture, and philosophy.




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